Lieutenant Herm Robinson Returns To Work!

We are elated with the arbitrator's decision and are pleased that she recognized the Chief of Police's inappropriate actions and harsh discipline.  Chief Williams' poor leadership and decision making has severely damaged the men and women of this organization.  Despite his self-serving and misleading portrayal of the Vallejo Police Department, we hope that this judgment, that included back pay and interest payments, sends a clear message to the City that we stand against unfair labor practices and abuse of City of Vallejo employees.  The VPOA welcomes back Herm Robinson, its most tenured member, to rejoin the ranks and serve his duties. We will continue to fight vigorously for our members who have been subject to the whims of the Chief of Police.  Our message will continue to be the lack of confidence in the ability of Chief Williams to lead this organization for the betterment of the City of Vallejo.

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