Fast Facts

We have been contacted by numerous concerned citizens about some of the information posted on social media and its accuracy (IG, Twitter, NextDoor, etc.). We have responded to them individually but believe a post for all to read is appropriate. Below are some facts that correct misreported online statements by a variety of vocal online personas.

  • We are NOT actively negotiating a new MOU with the City. Our contract expires March 31, 2022.
  • Vallejo police officers do NOT have a salary of $312,000. The number reported repeatedly online includes money that the City must spend for all employees (like workers compensation insurance) that is NOT paid TO officers.
  • Today, VPD has 99 officers (including the Chief and the newly created Deputy Chief positions). The Department is budgeted for 132 sworn. There were 111 sworn for a few months in 2020. Other than that, the Department hasn’t seen more than 110 sworn in years. Many veteran officers have left for other agencies in recent months and several more are in the process to leave in the coming months. Staffing is a critical problem for the City and its residents (it affects safety and service).
  • The reporting of vaccination status was/is voluntary to HR. We have NO control of the of how the results are reported and cannot confirm their accuracy.
  • The Department currently has a reasonable policy regarding the use of certain language and we agreed with substantial modifications to their proposed policy. In our opinion, the City prematurely declared impasse.
  • We have repeatedly asked the City to fully implement OIR’s 45 recommendations. To date they have not. Changing the policy regarding language is NOT one of the recommendations.