For Immediate Release - October 31, 2023

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Vallejo, CA - After 18 months of negotiations that include multiple proposals and counter-proposals, the Vallejo City Council has not ratified a labor agreement with the Vallejo Police Officers’ Association (VPOA).

The City Council’s inaction makes public safety assistance from the Sheriff and the Highway Patrol unlikely and puts Vallejo residents, business people, and visitors at risk. The Council's failure to act reasonably is completely inconsistent with its declaration of a public safety emergency.

According to VPOA President Michael Nichelini, the Police Association has agreed with every Council demand except for changes to the cost of family medical care afforded to an officer who suffers a career-ending disability and has less than ten years of service. Further, we have agreed to significant concessions that will reduce the City’s unfunded liabilities over the life of the contract and the city is balking at potentially spending an extra $4,200 a year for a wounded officer.

In light of recent comments by some Council Members alleging inaction on the part of the VPOA, Nichelini said the Council has been told multiple times, including as recently as last week, that medical care for a disabled officer is the only issue stopping ratification of the police labor agreement. Nichelini is afraid this will further dissuade interest by new and lateral officers, as no one will be interested in working for a city that abandons an officer who is seriously injured in the line of duty. During the entire contract negotiation process, VPOA counter proposals have been returned within days despite statements from some Council Members that the VPOA refuses to communicate. The Council has gone silent and/or refused to negotiate for months without any communication.

The VPOA is only asking that all disabled officers receive the same family medical benefit regardless of their years of service – nothing more. Notably, this will have no significant financial impact to the City.

The Solano County Sheriff and the Highway Patrol have previously stated they will only consider assisting Vallejo after a mutually agreed upon labor agreement has been ratified by the City and the VPOA. If the Council imposes working conditions on the VPOA, the City will not have met the requirements of the Sheriff or CHP.

The following table compares City and VPOA proposals:

The two highlighted boxes show the difference between the City and VPOA proposals that are the only item holding up an agreed upon contract.


The Vallejo Police Officers’ Association (VPOA) was incorporated in 1957. The VPOA is the recognized bargaining unit between all Vallejo Police Officers and the City of Vallejo.
Members include all ranks of officers – Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Corporals and Officers.
The VPOA does not represent the Chief of Police or the Deputy Police Chiefs.
The business function of the VPOA is to protect the collective interests of the members of the Vallejo Police Department and provide benefits to its members. The VPOA is also committed to the safety
and security of the citizens of Vallejo and the protection of life and property.
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