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Vallejo Police Officers’ Association Responds To Officer Involved Shooting

Vallejo, CA – Our society asks officers to respond to dangerous, unpredictable situations where they have to make split-second decisions with lives hanging in the balance. Tragically, one of our members was faced with such a circumstance following unprecedented looting and violence throughout the City of Vallejo. Throughout the night officers were responding to groups of armed looters all over the city. Seconds before this confrontation in the parking lot of a Walgreens, an officer put on the radio that it appeared the looters were armed. As officers arrived, Mr. Monterrosa was attempting to flee with others in a vehicle. Rather than continuing his escape, Mr. Monterrosa chose to engage the responding officers. Mr. Monterrosa abruptly pivoted back around toward the officers, crouched into a tactical shooting position, and grabbed an object in his waistband that appeared to be the butt of a handgun. At no time did Mr. Monterrosa make any movements consistent with surrendering. Fearing that Mr. Monterrosa was about to open fire on the officers in the vehicle, the officer was forced to fire multiple rounds through his windshield. The officer used deadly force as a last resort because he had no other reasonable option to prevent getting shot.

Now, after protecting himself and fellow officers from imminent death or great bodily injury, the officer is facing multiple death threats to him and his children. We ask the public to support this officer and the good work the overwhelming majority of all officers perform to keep our communities safe. The Vallejo Police Officers’ Association proudly supports all the men and women that serve and protect the citizens of Vallejo.

For further media inquiries, please contact David P. Mastagni at Mastagni Holstedt, A.P.C. at [email protected].

The Vallejo Police Officers’ Association (VPOA) was incorporated in 1957. The VPOA is the recognized bargaining unit between all Vallejo Police Officers and the City of Vallejo. Members include all ranks of officers – Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Corporals and Officers. The VPOA does not represent the Chief of Police. The business function of the VPOA is to protect the collective interests of the members of the Vallejo Police Department and provide benefits to its members. The VPOA is also committed to the safety and security of the citizens of Vallejo and the protection of life and property. For more information, please visit www.vallejopoa.org

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